Clear Water, Colorful Towns

The day had come! We were finally venturing East, far East, to Italy. Per usual, much planning and anticipation had gone into our two-week trip to Italy. Kent and I are really good at planning way ahead of time, and then talking about it every day leading up to the trip. So to say we were happy to hear our alarm go off on Friday, May 18, is an understatement.

We struggled through the work day, and then headed with our packed bags to the airport. We took a direct flight to London because it was super cheap, but did not realize that the most affordable flights to Italy, specifically Naples, were from Gatwick Airport rather than Heathrow. So we landed in London, took an expensive Uber to the Gatwick area, and had lunch at a local pub, Old Ye Six Bells, that Kent had found online beforehand. I was glad we did this because we not only got out of the airport scene for a bit, but we also got to eat with locals on the day of the Royal Wedding. We landed in Heathrow right as the ceremony betw…

Thanksgiving in the Tetons

November was a busy month for us. Since Jackson Hole is only an 8-hour drive, we decided to head up for Thanksgiving, shortly after returning from Napa and Tahoe.

We had heard the Tetons were splendid and different than the mountains we have in Colorado. And, visiting in-between peak seasons (not quite ski season, but still enough snowfall to close sections of the park), we were excited to hike and take in all of the views.

We made the easy drive on Thanksgiving Day and immediately drove to the base of the Tetons. The weather was overcast, so clouds covered the peaks on the mountain-tops. We took it all in however, as it was still gorgeous. We then headed back in town to pick up some ingredients to make green chili for our Thanksgiving dinner. Well, we soon realized that most stores closed after 5pm on Thanksgiving Day, as they should, so we ended up at Kmart, which only has a canned goods aisle. I was rather irritated, however we rallied and got some ingredients for Kent's famous…

What's Happened in the Past 2+ Years

Since I last posted, a lot has happened in my life.

1. I moved to Denver. 2. I married my best friend, Kent, who was mentioned in blogs before. 3. Two years ago, the Logel family had 11 people in it and now we have 15. 4. I've been mediating for three months now and am striving to be more mindful. 5. While I still love craft beer, my love for wine has grown. 6. I now have a new passion for food that has led to many unique experiences.
I'm writing this two days after Anthony Bourdain passed away. His death hit me hard. I never expected a TV personality to have such an impact on my life, but yet, as many people remember him, we realize that he was much more than a TV personality. Through his show, he became like a close friend. Kent and I have had many talks over the past few days about how he had such an impact on our life. While I've always had a desire to travel, he elevated that. Showed that there are so many unique and interesting people all over the world, who are just…

Orange, Yellow and Red Maple Leaves

Kent and I took Thursday and Friday off the first weekend of October to take a 50-mile hike in southeastern Indiana. We are trying to become more experienced backpackers and outdoorsmen, so we thought our first backpacking trip should be one close to home. We had already planned this hike in May, but then Kent surprised me with an awesome trip to Michigan, so we rescheduled the hike for October. However, as the weekend quickly approached, we both became apprehensive and nervous about the 4-day, 3-night hike. We are inexperienced backpackers and were hesitant as to whether we'd able to carry 30-pound backpacks for 50 miles, so we decided to take another trip instead.

After brainstorming different destinations such as Washington D.C. and Michigan, we opted to explore Niagara Falls and Toronto.
Wednesday/Thursday After we finished work Wednesday evening, we drove three hours to Columbus, Ohio where we stayed in a Ramada Inn. Had we stayed in Indianapolis Wednesday night we could'v…

The Final Pint

The final stretch of our trip took us to Dublin, Ireland. After riding the train from Liverpool, England to Holyhead, Wales, we boarded an Irish Ferry that took us 2 hours across the Irish Sea. The ride was calm and the ferry was welcoming, with food, beverages and an upper-deck viewing area.
Once we landed on the Irish coast, we were in the European Union and had to have our cab driver take us to an ATM so we could withdraw Euros to pay him. He dropped us off at our final hostel of the trip, Four Courts Hostel. As we pulled up, a guy standing outside the building next door got punched and knocked out. Come to find out, the building next door was a Homeless and Drug Services building, a sketchy building in an otherwise good area. That event was the only uncomfortable incident we encountered. The hostel had a nice common area and the rooms were spacious. It was rather strange though that we had a fellow roommate who had been living in the room for more than six months, so each morning…